Updating M1 and RFLX Remote Firmware with the Vision Mobile App

Vision App for iOS Update Instructions

  1. Download, open and pair the Inboard Vision App to your M1. For instructions on pairing, click here.
  2. Turn on your M1 and your RFLX Remote if you haven’t already. Before starting the update procedure, make sure you have fully charged the RFLX Remote, PowerShift Battery in your M1, and your mobile device.
  3. Open the Vision App.
  4. In the icon menu at the bottom of the screen, select the third “post-ride” icon.
  5. Next to settings select “edit”.
  6. Select “firmware update”.
  7. Select “update” to begin the firmware update process and follow the instructions.
  8. After the M1 update completes, you may need to pair the M1 to the RFLX remote and to the app. Please follow these instructions to complete pairing.



Please note:


Inboard Vision App will update the RFLX first and then the M1.

This is very important, and Inboard Vision App will not allow you to update the M1 until it has verified that your RFLX has completed the update successfully.


It is important to leave the app open while the update is in progress.

Make sure you have a strong internet connection and a fully charged battery


If the RFLX remote turns off after updating, please turn it back on.


The M1 update will take a bit longer than the RFLX.

Please be patient and leave the app open while the update is in progress.

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