Regenerative Braking Risks

The M1 has regenerative braking. This means that while braking with the RFLX Remote or Inboard Vision mobile app, the battery will regain charge. In rare circumstances, overcharging may occur if you brake for a long period of time with a fully charged battery. The Inboard M1 is designed to protect itself from overcharging. In an overcharge situation the M1 will disable regenerative braking to protect itself from damage. This could be dangerous, as it will affect your ability to control braking.

The M1 has a built-in warning system when the battery is reaching its charge limit. The LEDs on your RFLX Remote will begin to flash and you will feel a vibration in the RFLX Remote. Refrain from excessive braking until the battery charge depletes to a lower level.

Always be prepared to stop by a means other than the RFLX Remote or Inboard Vision mobile app when riding.


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