Is the M1 water resistant?

Use caution around water.

The exterior of the M1 is water resistant. That means you can ride through puddles, occasionally splash the M1 with water, and not worry about damaging it.

But the M1 is NOT waterproof. That means you can’t take a bath with your M1, or take it swimming in a lake or a pool. Think of your M1 like a cat, cat’s are water resistant, they’ll drink water, maybe tolerate some light splashing...but don’t try and give a cat a bath, you’ll have a bad time. The same goes for your M1.

Keep in mind wet conditions could be potentially dangerous, resulting in loss of traction.

Keep water away from the interior of the M1, especially the Battery Bay. The presence of moisture or water inside the battery bay poses a serious risk of electrical shock or fire. Keep this area clean and dry at all times. THE INSIDE OF THE BATTERY BAY IS NOT WATER RESISTANT. If water DOES get inside the battery bay, it is best to immediately remove the battery, wipe up excess water, and put the M1 in a cool, dry place and allow the M1 enough time to dry out.

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