Note From The Team




What you have before you is something special. It’s the culmination of our blood, sweat and tears. It started as a passion project that took on a life of its own. Introducing the M1, the next generation of electric skateboards. With powerful dual in-wheel motors and the ability to change batteries on the fly, the M1 turns every distance you travel into a thrill ride. We are a team of passionate designers, engineers and athletes that are inspired by you, the rider. We aren’t driven by statistics or competitors. We are driven to create a product that is fun and exciting. A product that you will want to ride again, and again, until you can’t imagine how you got from point A to point B without it. There’s a road of possibility before us, and we plan to skate it. We’re glad you decided to come along for the ride. Welcome to Inboard. Sincerely, Ryan Evans, Theo Cerboneschi, and the rest of the Inboard Team.

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