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The RFLX Remote’s Ride Trigger button is a safety feature of the M1. The Manta Drive will not spin if the Ride Trigger is NOT depressed. To move the M1 Forward: Press & hold the Ride Trigger, then push forward on the Throttle Control (away from your body). You’re M1 will now move forward and continue to accelerate as long as you have the Ride Trigger & Throttle pushed forward.

To move the M1 in Reverse:

Press & hold the Ride Trigger, then pull the Throttle Control backwards (toward your body). Your M1 will now move in reverse and continue to accelerate as long as you have the Ride Trigger & Throttle pulled back.

To Brake the M1: 

Press & hold the Ride Trigger, then pull the Throttle Control in the opposite direction of travel. For example, if you’re moving forward, you can brake by pulling the throttle towards your body while holding the ride trigger. If you’re moving forward, pull back on the Throttle Control, this will cause the M1 to brake.


The Inboard M1 has different riding modes that can be easily accessed. We built the riding modes to accommodate different levels of rider experience. All M1’s ship in Beginner mode, to give everyone the easiest learning curve. You can easily change the M1 through the RFLX Remote of the Inboard Vision Mobile App.

NOTE: In order to change modes, the M1 must NOT be moving.

1. Beginner Mode (DEFAULT):

  • Maximum speed of 5 mph / 8 kph
  • Acceleration curve - Moderate
  • Braking - Standard

2. Intermediate Mode (MAX IN GERMANY):

  • Maximum speed of 14 mph / 22 kph
  • Acceleration curve - Standard
  • Braking - Standard

3. Advanced Mode:

  • Maximum speed of 20 mph / 32 kph
  • Acceleration curve - Maximum
  • Braking - Maximum

WARNING: More advanced modes will have more aggressive braking and acceleration. Always accelerate and brake GENTLY, until you are accustomed to the new mode settings.



Changing Modes with the RFLX Remote: 

  • Press Power Button 3 times.
  • Audible beep will sound. Status LEDs will illuminate according to current mode.
  • Repeat until you are in your desired mode.



Changing Modes with the Inboard Vision Mobile App: 

  • Open the app.
  • Make sure your app is paired with the M1.
  • Click on the “MODE” section on the home screen of the Vision App.
  • Across the bottom of the app are the mode selector buttons. Select your desired mode and click DONE. 

The M1 will remember your chosen mode after it has been turned off, even if the PowerShift Battery has been removed.



Step 1: Take the RFLX USB Charging cable and plug it into a USB port or USB wall outlet adaptor (Not included).

Step 2: Gently attach the RFLX USB charging cables Male-end Mini-B USB Port into the Female Mini-B USB Port on the RFLX Remote.

  • The RFLX Remote will now start charging.
  • The Green LED will slowly pulse to indicate it is charging.
  • Once the RFLX Remote is fully charged the Green LED will stop pulsing and glow constantly. (Full charge is reached in approximately 3 hours).

NOTE: A fully charged RFLX Remote offers approximately 12 hours of use.





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