Operating Limits

It is important you familiarize yourself with the operating limits of the Inboard M1. These limits are set to maximize rider safety while reducing the risk of damage to the Inboard M1. The Inboard M1 will perform better when you observe these limits.


Inboard sets weight limits for two reasons:

  • Rider safety
  • To reduce the risk of damage to the Inboard M1

CAUTION: Exceeding the weight limits, especially when combined with other variables that require more power, will increase your risk of reducing the range of your M1 or damaging your M1.

Variables that require more power include:

  • Higher payloads (weight of rider and all cargo)
  • Steeper slopes
  • Bumpy or rough surface conditions
  • Excessive starting, accelerating, and stopping
  • Abrupt maneuvers


The maximum payload (rider plus all cargo) is 280 lbs (127 kg). Exceeding the maximum weight limit increases the risk of damage to the Inboard M1. Heavier payloads place greater stress on the Inboard M1.

Several factors affect the loads transmitted to the Inboard M1

  • Skill level of the rider
  • Payload (weight of the rider and all cargo)
  • Surface condition (obstacle height, etc.) NOTICE: Exceeding the rider or cargo weight limits, especially when riding on uneven terrain, could damage the Inboard M1 or lead to decreased performance under the excessive load.


Maximum range distances are provided in the Technical Specifications section. The range of your Inboard M1 is affected by many variables, including:

  • Terrain: Riding on smooth, flat terrain improves range, and riding on hilly terrain and unpaved surfaces reduces range.
  • Speed and Riding Style: Riding at a consistent, moderate speed will increase range. Excessive starting, stopping, acceleration, and deceleration reduces range.
  • Rider Weight and Cargo: Lighter riders with less cargo experience better range than heavier riders with more cargo.
  • Temperature: Storing, charging, and riding in temperatures close to the median of the recommended temperature range improves range. Riding in colder temperatures reduces range significantly.
  • Battery Condition: Properly charged and maintained batteries provide greater range. Old, cold, heavily used, or poorly maintained batteries provide less range.



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