M1 Riding Modes


The Inboard M1 has different riding modes that can be easily accessed. We built the riding modes to accommodate different levels of rider experience. All M1’s ship in Beginner mode, to give everyone the easiest learning curve. You can easily change the M1 through the RFLX Remote of the Inboard Vision Mobile App.


1. Beginner Mode (DEFAULT):

Maximum speed of 5 mph / 8 kph

Acceleration curve - Moderate

Braking - Standard

2. Intermediate Mode (MAX IN GERMANY):

Maximum speed of 14 mph / 22 kph

Acceleration curve - Standard

Braking - Standard

3. Advanced Mode:

Maximum speed of 22 mph / 35 kph

Acceleration curve - Maximum

Braking - Maximum


WARNING: More advanced modes will have more aggressive braking and acceleration. Always accelerate and brake GENTLY, until you are accustomed to the new mode settings.

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