Cleaning and Maintaining your M1

As with all things, a little bit of love and maintenance goes a long way in keeping your M1 working at its best. The following are some recommended activities you can regularly do:


  • Look for wearing through the wheels, trucks, griptape, and electrical components for a long lasting ride.
  • Check through and tighten screws every 100 miles or during hard use through various terrains.
  • Look for cracks, chips, and overall worn down areas through the wheels.
  • Check for stiffness and clean bearings after riding through wet terrain.
  • Check for looseness or wearing of the bushings.
  • Clean the base/bottom of the board with a rag and soft alcohol based cleaner
  • Keep the sealing gasket around the Battery Bay clean and free of debris.
  • Keep the Battery Bay clean and free of debris to make sure the PowerShift Battery slides in and out with ease.
  • If there is a need to free the motors of any debris, gently use compressed air to clean it.
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