Proper care of your PowerShift Battery Pack

Warning: The PowerShift Battery pack contains lithium-ion batteries that could explode or cause a fire if they are used incorrectly. Improper use of this product may result in product damage, excess heat, toxic fumes, fire or explosion, for which damages you are responsible. Please follow all battery safety instructions.

Before using your PowerShift Battery, carefully check the battery pack. Pay close attention to the protective seal casing to make sure it is undamaged and intact. If in doubt, please contact Inboard Customer Support at, or submit a ticket here

  • Always handle your PowerShift Battery with care and never drop it.

  • Store your PowerShift Battery in a safe and dry place. Keep the battery

    away from all metal objects. Store in temperatures between 0-40 °C / 32-104 °F.

  • Only use official Inboard PowerShift chargers that have been specially designed for the PowerShift Battery.

  • When charging batteries, keep the charger away from highly flammable materials or products and never leave the charger unattended when in use.

  • To store your PowerShift Battery for an extended time period, several weeks or months, first charge it fully, and recharge it at least once a year. This is because lithium-ion batteries that have been left uncharged for too long can no longer be used.

  • Keep out of reach of children and pets. Exposure to Battery voltage could result in death or serious injury.

  • Unplug or disconnect the M1 from AC power before removing or attaching the PowerShift Battery or performing any service. Never work on any part of the Inboard M1 when it is both plugged into AC power and the PowerShift Battery is plugged into the M1. You risk serious bodily injury from electric shock as well as damage to the M1.

  • Do not use a PowerShift Battery if the Battery casing is broken or if the Battery emits an unusual odor, smoke, or excessive heat or leaks any substance. Avoid contact with any substance seeping from the Batteries.

  • Do not submerge the PowerShift Battery or Inboard M1 in water. If you suspect the Batteries or M1 have been submerged or experienced water intrusion, contact Inboard Support immediately at, or submit a ticket here. Until you receive further instructions, store the Inboard M1 upright, outdoors, and away from flammable objects. DO NOT plug the PowerShift Battery into the charger. Failure to follow these instructions could expose you to electric shock, injury, burns, or cause a fire.

  • Use care when riding your M1 in a low-battery situation. The M1 will shut down if it runs out of power from the PowerShift Battery, this will cause loss of acceleration and braking. The M1 will warn you when its dangerously low on power by vibrating the RFLX remote 6 times. If you experience this, stop riding immediately and charge your M1.

  • As with all rechargeable batteries, do not charge near flammable materials.

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