How To Replace Your Bearings


Bearings are a crucial part of the performance and efficiency of your M1. It is always best to keep them clean and dry to avoid seizing or locking up. Resistance in your bearings can hinder the overall performance of your board and reduce your battery life, so always make sure they are moving freely!

1. Use the skate tool to remove the Axle Lock Nut and outer Speed Ring Washer on the front wheel. 

2. Slide the wheel off. Leave the inner Speed Ring Washer on the axle.

3. Use the axle of the truck as a lever. Place the wheel just slightly on the axle so just one bearing has the axle on it.

4. Rotate the wheel down and away from the axle, peeling the bearing out of the wheel. 

5. Remove the bearing and bearing spacer that sits on the axle between the bearings.

6. Flip the wheel over and repeat the removal process on the inside face of the wheel.

7. Make sure the inner speed ring is still on the axle and then place one new bearing on top of the speed ring.

8. Place the bearing spacer back on the axle and press the wheel onto the bearing until it sits fully.

9. Once both bearings are back in place, replace the outer speed ring washer and axle lock nut and tighten to your preference.

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