How To Apply The M1 Griptape


To begin, you’ll need a roller, razor blade, large screwdriver, and sheet of replacement M1 Grip tape.

Caution: Razor blades are extremely sharp and can be dangerous if used improperly.  Use caution when trimming grip tape with a razor blade and always keep out of the reach of children.

1. Make sure you’ve completely removed the old grip tape. Remove the battery lid.

2. Remove the paper backing from the battery lid grip tape sheet.

3. Align the battery lid grip tape sheet over the battery lid so that all of the edges and latch hole align with the griptape and the lid edges.  Once aligned, press the sheet down on the lid.

4. Use the roller to press the grip tape sheet down, pushing any air bubbles towards the edges.

5. Use the razor to clean up any excess griptape that is not flush with the edges of the lid.

6. Use the canned air or compressor to blow away any remaining grip tape shavings.

7. Remove the front half of the paper backing from the larger deck grip tape sheet.

8. Align the griptape sheet over the battery well so that the griptape edges align with the battery well edges.

9. Once the griptape sheet is properly aligned, press the sheet down to the board from the battery well edges outward.

10. Slowly remove the remaining paper backing from the grip tape sheet while pressing the grip tape to the board.

11. Use the roller to remove air bubbles and press the grip tape sheet down to the board, rolling from the middle of the deck to edges.

12. Use the razor to make diagonal relief cuts from each of the four LED areas out to the corner of the grip.

14. To prep the grip tape for trimming, use the shaft of the large screwdriver and rub it back and forth along the edge of the board at a 45 degree angle.

15. This will grind down the grit and make it easier to get a clean cut without dulling the razor blade.

16. Use the razor from the bottom of the deck to cut away excess griptape at a 45 degree angle around the perimeter of the board. Keep angle and speed consistent to make an even cut.

17. Use a piece of the griptape you just cut away to sand the outside edges of the newly applied griptape.

18. Use the roller to double check that the battery well edge of the grip tape is firmly set.

19. Use the razor blade to trim away any excess grip tape around the battery well.  Be careful not to cut the rubber o-ring found just inside the lip of the battery well.

20. Use the compressor or canned air to blow away any excess grip tape shavings.  Install the battery lid to check for proper fit. You are now ready to ride!

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