How To Ride An Inboard M1

For some of you, riding a board comes naturally, so this video might not be for you! For many, riding the Inboard M1 is a first time experience so knowing how to ride is extremely important. Watch this video for helpful hints for your first time riding your Inboard M1.

1. Choosing Your Stance - Your dominant foot dictates whether your left foot or right foot should be the leading or front foot while riding your board.

A left forward approach is called "regular" stance. A right foot forward approach is called "goofy" or "unnatural" stance. 

2. Balancing or Bracing - Your stance should be on or between the two M1 trucks with your body weight slightly favoring the front of the board over the back.

3. Handling Terrain - Handling terrain such as bumps and cracks is best done at moderate speed with a "weightless" or slightly rear weighted approach to the terrain.

4. Charging Hills - When heading into hills, always approach with reduced speed to anticipate any safety risks or obstacles. 



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