The Glider Pre-Order Agreement

  1. Inboard Glider Pre-Order
    1. Thank you for your support of Inboard. By placing a Glider Pre-Order, you have secured access to the exclusive pre-order price and a priority delivery of your Inboard Glider(s).
  2. Effective Date
    1. Your Inboard Glider Pre-Order becomes effective when the following conditions have been met:
      1. You have placed a Pre-Order for an Inboard Glider.
      2. Inboard has received the Deposit Payment in full.
  3. Deposit Process
    1. Once your Deposit Payment has been received, your position in the queue for the first batch of Glider shipments will be secured. During the period between expected initial launch and expected product shipment (Spring 2019), Inboard will contact all deposit-holders to receive the remainder of the payment before shipment. Any deposit paid to Inboard will be deducted from the total payment due. However, deposit-holders will still be responsible for any additional shipping, duties, taxes, currency fluctuations, and/or customs fees.
    2. Gliders purchased by deposit-holders will be covered by Inboard’s standard return policy, which allows for free “buyer’s remorse” returns for a period of 14 days, effective from the date of delivery/receipt of the Glider.
    3. Gliders purchased by deposit-holders will be covered by Inboard’s Glider warranty against manufacturing defects, which will last for a period of 1 year (180 days on specific components; 2 years for EU orders), effective from the date of delivery/receipt of the Glider. For more information on Inboard’s Glider Warranty, please find the full warranty language available here.
  4. Deposit Cancellation
    1. Glider deposits can be canceled and refunded in full, for any or no reason, until the payment is received in full, within the established payment window, prior to the product shipment date. This date may be adjusted by Inboard with or without given reason.
  5. Privacy Expectations
    1. Inboard will not hold your Pre-Order Payment separately, in an escrow, nor in a trust fund, nor will Inboard pay any interest on the payment.
    2. Your Pre-Order is not transferable to any other party without written consent from Inboard.
    3. We may require personal information to complete your order, and any information gathered will be maintained in accordance with our Privacy Policy, available here.
  6. Changes to the Terms
    1. Inboard reserves the right to make changes to these terms. We will provide notice of any material changes, and if you do not consent to such changes, your sole and exclusive remedy will be to cancel your deposit as described in Section 4 above.
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